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Kyrie's Blurbs

About Me:

It’s pronounced like “Siri”, but with a K.

Professionally, I’m a Web Developer – I build websites for all sorts of amazing businesses at Overlock Design Co.

Personally, I’m a huge nerd with a passion for home improvement, coffee, dogs, and tech.

My New Favorite To-Do App

I’m a productivity junkie. I’m always looking for a new way to organize my projects, housework, and general to-dos. Paper planners, bullet journals, apps, sticky notes – I’ve tried it all. Which has given me a really good idea of what I want/need in a to-do list. In a perfect world, my to-do list would: Sort […]

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Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Every Holiday season, I get harassed by family members that I’m hard to shop for. You see, I tend to buy myself basically whatever I want. I’m a shopaholic. I don’t mean to be, but I am. On the flip side, my husband is equally hard to shop for. He, too, tends to end up with everything […]

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TarDisk Revisited: Maybe It’s Not So Great?

A little over a year ago, I blogged about the TarDisk – a small flash-storage device that promised to add to the storage on your Mac device. Since my MacBook Air only has 128 GB of storage, I picked up a 128 GB TarDisk and got it installed. It doubled my storage space, and seemed […]

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8 Things I’m Loving This Fall

Fall used to be my favorite season. Until I bought a house and realized that fall leads to winter, and winter sucks. So now my favorite season is spring. But I’m still a sucker for everything that fall brings with it – cooler weather, beautiful leaves, pumpkin spice everything (I am basic af.) Not everything on this […]

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